ITI Technical College FAQ’s

We’ve chosen the most frequent questions posed by you, the student, via e-mail, phone, or in person to our knowledgeable admissions staff. If you have have any other questions or problems, just contact the admissions department at ITI Technical College. We’ll respond quickly.

In as little as one hour of your visit to our Financial Aid Department, you will have an estimate by electronic screening of what you’re eligible for. This means no waiting periods, no long forms to fill out, and this service is Free!

Many students work part-time while attending ITI. If the student needs assistance finding a part-time job while in school, he or she should contact the the Career Services Department. A list of part time job leads may also be available for the student’s use. (Part-time jobs listed at ITI are not necessarily education related.)

ITI offers free evaluation to all who are interested in attending ITI.(Proceed to Admissions) On behalf of the faculty, students, and staff, I invite you to visit our campus. I believe you will be impressed with what you find.

Yes. ITI offers a tutorial service that can assist you in better understanding your course work.

Yes. ITI’s Career Services Department offers Job Search training prior to graduation. Placement assistance is available throughout training and continues after graduation.